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The Healing Benefits of Reflexology   Everybody wants to be relaxed, no matter who you are.  We all try to find someway to make ourselves feel better in as little time as possible as we are all so busy.  One way to increase the positive attitude in ourselves is to use reflexology, in other words, […]


Renewing Eye Cream – Is A Neutral Product

Both men and women alike are affected by age and the consequences of age.  Women are affected more since their skin is more “delicate”.  In regards to men’s skin, it needs nourishment in the form of moisturizers as well as extra care around the eyes and mouth as they get older.  Taking care of your […]

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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment pic

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment – Learn How To Stop Bacterial Vaginosis In 3 Days or Less.   It’s not enough that we women have so much on our plate today and then to add a medical condition to the top of the stack of issues that we must contend with on a day to day basis […]

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Home Spa Treatments

“You Can Benefit From At Home Spa Treatments”   The word `spa’ brings to mind exotic treatments, where the body relaxes and soaks in spa products which enter the body through the skin and makes enduring changes to the very system of the person. So naturally, `spa’ would mean anything that is good for your […]

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How to Camouflage a Tattoo

How to Camouflage a Tattoo – What You Need To know     Your best friends wedding is quickly approaching and the beautiful ink you have on your upper arm doesn’t quite meet the approval of the bride & grooms family standards.  If you need to camouflage a tattoo for that very special event, the […]

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Dermatologist Moisturizer

Everyone has skin and everyone’s skin needs assistance with hydration at one time or another.  Whether you are constantly washing your hands or are outdoors where there are more influences to dry your skin, moisturization is important.  Everyone’s skin is different and if it does have special needs, a Dermatologist Moisturizer recommendation may be needed. […]

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